1. hot rainbow
    juice machine

  2. spite
    barrier of dark leaves

  3. death edit
    david grollman

  4. excision
    rose buried in sand

  5. vomir

  6. cloudkeeper
    danny clay

  7. like shining blood
    black thread

  8. lorenzo abattoir/nascitari/marko jović/antisocial block split
    lorenzo abattoir/nascitari/marko jović/antisocial block

  9. greg gorlen / static park split
    greg gorlen / static park

  10. until then / what net
    static park

  11. barrier of dark leaves
    barrier of dark leaves

  12. leaves falling
    black thread

  13. passage
    seamus r. williams & greg gorlen

  14. wires & relays
    wires & relays

  15. untitled
    greg gorlen

  16. balloon journey
    balloon journey

  17. la honte d'être dieu
    la cochonnerie humaine

  18. greg gorlen / spirit being split
    greg gorlen / spirit being

  19. spring thaw
    greg gorlen

  20. sallow
    seamus r. williams & greg gorlen

  21. michael amason/greg gorlen split
    michael amason/greg gorlen

  22. chewed up / spat out
    greg gorlen / seamus r. williams & greg gorlen

  23. wires & relays
    wires & relays

  24. sticks & twigs
    greg gorlen

  25. wires & relays
    wires & relays

  26. rotten tape
    greg gorlen

  27. stay / vale
    black thread

  28. dark spring/spitting falcons split
    dark spring/spitting falcons

  29. wires & relays
    wires & relays

  30. wires & relays
    wires & relays

  31. corpus
    black thread

  32. contemplation / incompleteness
    black thread

  33. guitar lesson
    vibrating garbage

  34. everything is probably meaningless but try to have fun and enjoy life anyway, and don't worry if you mess up sometimes
    vibrating garbage

  35. corrode
    vibrating garbage

  36. meadowlark (premonition)
    black thread

  37. memoriam
    black thread

  38. i would never trade what i don't have for what i do have even if what i have is nothing
    spitting falcons

  39. titanium coma seeds

  40. mundo animal/dark spring split
    mundo animal/dark spring

  41. squirrel (for jwg 1935-2013)
    david grollman

  42. i love trash
    vibrating garbage

  43. dark spring
    dark spring

  44. dark spring
    dark spring

  45. crosshatch tape
    crosshatch tape

  46. petit sac + vibrating garbage/collapsed arc split
    petit sac + vibrating garbage/collapsed arc

  47. tara sreekrishnan & benjamin ethan tinker/the heroic quartet split
    sreekrishnan & tinker/the heroic quartet

  48. balloon journey
    balloon journey

  49. slow names 2
    hey exit

  50. dusa

  51. headboggle/vibrating garbage split
    headboggle/vibrating garbage

  52. discords and dysrhythmia
    daniel steffey

  53. destroy after listening
    vibrating garbage

  54. fslux/black thread split
    fslux/black thread

  55. a sudden ripening/birds you once knew split
    a sudden ripening/birds you once knew

  56. primavera
    mundo animal / dark spring / black thread

  57. the earth is a failed illusion
    black thread

  58. sleep halo
    spitting falcons

  59. white mist
    spitting falcons

  60. bonus beast/vibrating garbage split
    bonus beast/vibrating garbage

  61. residuum
    black thread

  62. esther chlorine/dark spring split
    esther chlorine/dark spring

  63. aurora
    black thread

  64. effulgent angel piss
    black thread

  65. pinkfire
    black thread

  66. fragrant hoof carvings
    black thread

  67. a waste of time for a time of waste
    vibrating garbage

  68. untitled


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